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About Us

About Us

Important telephone numbers, e-mails of individual staff members, company description and our priorities.

Where to find us

HW server s.r.o.
U Pily 3/103 (mapa)
143 00 Prague 4 - Modřany
GPS: Loc: 50° 0' 20.97" N, 14° 24' 46.74" E
Tel. +420 241 402 940    Fax. 222 513 833
ICQ store/Expedition    375-902-013       461-304-909

You can contact us in our office on working days from 10AM till 4PM. In case of a telephone contact concerning your order, please prepare the six-digit number of your order (902XXX).

Invoicing data

HW server s.r.o.
U Pily 103
143 00 Prague 4
IČO: 274 09 392
DIČ: CZ 274 09 392


Note : E-mails are published in the "unclickable" manner and contain a space behind the asperand to prevent spamming.

Editor staff : redakce@
Internet shop : Obchod@

Vít Olmr - Technical editor
Email : olmr@
Vice Editor-in-chief for, technical editorial activities
Magda Jurankova - Technical editor
Email : jurankova@
Common editorial activities, technical articles, leading special projects
Jan Půhoný - External editor
Email : puhony@
Telephone : - not available -
Common editorial activities, technical articles, leading special projects
Petr Agulár - Development, editor
Email :
Telephone : 777 232 751
Development, Administrator of PIC Vývojová činnost, Správce rubriky PIC
ing. Tomáš Dresler - External editor
Email : Dresler@
Telephone : - nezveřejněn -
Specialist in Object programming techniques and specialized HW (DSP, measuring systems..)

What is HW Server

HW server is a technically-oriented server on czech internet that focuses on the field of electronics, hardware and programming related with it

We inform about news in the given area of interest, interesting ideas and solutions, trends etc. We also publish complete constructions, shortened and complete translations of datasheets of interesting circuits, independent list of companies in the field that are represented on the internet, readers' surveys, discussion forums etc.

Who are our articles intended for.

Our readers are not amateurs or beginners. All of our theoretical articles and constructions published here presume some knowledge in the field. For beginners there are other servers and we cooperate with them as well.

Our articles are mainly focused on professionals, whose main business means working with electronics. We do not compete with paper magazines, as internet is a different medium from paper and it also means differences for our readers, advertisers and editorial staff. We do not try to create a complex base of knowledge and information. HW server has more accessoric character and should help professionals with orientation in the field. Our average readers read technical magazines like Sdelovaci technika (Communication engineering ( and A-Radio ( .

HW server specializes at support for small and medium projects that we can properly support in medias, technically and in some cases even financially. We are glad to publish specialized projects, which, due to small number of possible readers and sometimes also due to the range of the project, don't find its way to the printed magazines.

History and our activities

HW server is active since 1997. Historically it follows (and is linked to) FSG (Free Singlechip group) which stopped its activities by the end of 1998.

Publishing activities

Advertising and promotional services

Development and provided services
  • - Specialized information server for advertisements concerning job offers and demands
  • - Specialized catalogue of companies from the same field
  • - Internet shop
Product and module sales
  • We represent ELNEC company - (programmers and development tools)
  • To some of our partners we provide a retail sales of some of their products - 
  • We sell our own products - HW PRODUCTS
Development activities
We support some external projects and also develop our own ones (Web51, BitScope, Ponyprog and others..) HW PRODUCTS

If you are interested in our advertising policies, you can find the detailed information in section Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations