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Companies we Represent

HW server presently represents the following companies by the means of its e-shop


Renown manufacturer and supplier of graphic and character LCD displays, RFID readers and transponders as well as industrial PCs.


Manufacturer of general purpose programmers microprocessors, memories and other programmable circuits, simulators, emulators and logic analyzers as well as all necessary accessories, such as socket adapters, multiplex programmers etc.

HP Infotech S.R.L.

Manufacturer of cheap but very powerful C compiler with integrated development environment and In-System programmer for Atmel AVR CodeVisionAVR microcontroller family.

Electronic Laden

The biggest European supplier of development kits and demo boards. Besides a close cooperation with Freescale Semiconductors in terms of which the company develops and creates its own development kits, it also represents European companies such as NXP (Philips), Microchip, Parallax, Atmel, STMicro, Texas Instruments and many other semiconductor parts manufacturers. The company offers compilers and Debugging Tools from CCS, I MCS Electronics, Raisonance and Rowley Associater and distributes hardware from Acme Systems, Elprotronic, FTDI, Olimex, Tech-Tools and 4D Systems.



An American manufacturer of measuring cards for PC connectible via USB or ethernet and providing analogue or digital inputs and outputs, device amplifiers and others with possible implementation into LabVIEW systems from National Instruments.

Furthermore we offer goods of more than 30 branches, such as ION audio, ImageCraft, Sollae Systems and others.