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iDo - Smart automation for everyone

iDo is project of inteligent device for small or home automation. iDo measure temperature, time, switch heating pump or control opened windows and so on. All what do you want shortly and cheaply.

Do you have a technology (electric light, water boiler, garage gate, or even floor convector or swimming pool) which you need automated control for ideally with network supervision and there is no suitable solution or it is not for reasonable price?

Have you ever given up some option just because development of such specialized tool for little series or even a single installation would be too expensive?

Have you ever resigned to a solution that was far from perfect, but the only one available on market for a fair price?

Are you interested in the energy wasting problem?

Do you want to make your house or flat more secure?

Do you need to integrate your household or company electronics into a single network?

If “yes” is an answer for these questions then iDo system is just for you.  

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Basic characteristic

  • Autonomic control without the superior system
  • Mutual communication of units
  • DHCP, HTTP, SNTP, Syslog, UDP Setup
  • XML
  • Up to 8 temperature sensors
  • 4 logical outputs
  • 2 relay switching outputs
  • Integrated development environment
  • Easy to understand language 
  • Hardware Watchdog
  • Easy customization  

Program window iDo

What does it do


  • Lets you explain all tasks simply in your web browser
  • Is able to communicate by Ethernet web system (http, sntp, syslog)
  • Is able to communicate with other devices even without the superior system 
  • Is able to measure temperature by up to 8 sensors at once 
  • Is able to watch up to 4 logical inputs (buttons, contacts, switches…)
  • Is able to maintain 2 switch contacts
  • Is able to display measured as well as calculated values by XML
  • UDP Setup
  • Supports creation of user interface (XSLT, HTML, CSS, …)



iDo is able to memorize prescription defining actions of outputs based on the status of inputs, temperatures and values of variables. Prescription is defined, tested and maintained by common web browser. No additional tools required. 

 Example Application 

  • Light automation 
  • Thermoregulatrors 
  • Garage gates
  • Pool and whirpool technology
  • Boilers 
iDo is based on ATmega 128 and NutOs operating system. There are 4 binary inputs with galvanical separation for connect door switch, motion detector or fire detector. You can connect (plug and play) 1-Wire temperature sensors too (max. 8x DS18B20).

Blokové schéma iDo
iDo block diagram


Výpis teplotních čidel iDo
iDo temperature sensors

As outputs iDo includes two switch-over relays. You can connect something (pump, ligt, heating...) Indication LEDs can be control by program too. 


iDo podporuje prvotní konfiguraci přes UDPTypical function


  • do statement set by WWW browser (user)
  • communication by Ethernet (http, sntp, syslog)
  • precision measure up to 8 temperature sensors (1-Wire)
  • monitoring up to 4 binary inputs
  • control 2 switch-over relays
  • automatic configuration by DHCP
  • send measure and compute parametrs by XML  




Everything necessary for creation, translation, debugging and running the program is part of your iDo device.  


  • Open any web browser
  • Write address of iDo device into address bar
  • Click “iDo program” in menu on the left side
  • Write program itself into editor window (you can even copy it from examples)
  • Click the Test button (on the bottom of editor window) to check correctness of your program
  • Click the Run button to make your program run
  • If you are satisfied with your iDo program, save it clicking the Save button

And that is all from now on your program maintains iDo functions.

iDo contains applicable parts and examples of code which can be used as inspiration or even copied into your own program.

How to debug it 
While making the program you may (and it is quite probable that you will) want to check whether your program is written correctly and does what it is supposed to do. For these occasions there are debugging tools as a part of your iDo device.

If you have a program in your editor window that is ready for debugging, just click the Test button. Program will be immediately translated and launched once as a test run. Results will appear in table under the program itself.

If you want to know where the error is click on Analysis, error will be highlighted with red color.


How to write a program





Everything necessary for creation, translation, debugging and running the program is part of your iDo device.
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Yes Please, I want this iDo system .....
Looking for a system to control a home ventilation system - two bypass motors to be controlled by external / internal temperatures, time of day, date.....

How much does this iDo system cost, and where can I find it?

Many thanks
john c