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Ultralow Power Boost Converters Only Require 8.5uA of Quiescent Current

Linear Technology announces the LT8410/-1 low noise micropower boost converters with integrated power switches.

Schottky and catch diodes and output disconnect circuitry packaged in a 2mm x 2mm DFN package. The LT8410/-1 use a unique design scheme, requiring only 8.5uA of quiescent, which is further reduced to 0uA in shutdown. Integrated high value (12.4M/0.4M) output feedback divider resistors enable the LT8410/-1 to regulate a 16V output with no load with less than 30uA of quiescent current. Very small switch current limits (25mA for the LT8410 and 8mA for the LT8410-1) enable these converters to operate very efficiently from high impedance sources, such as coin cell batteries without any inrush current limitations.

The LT8410/-1’s wide 2.6V to 16V input voltage range enables them to operate from single cell Li-Ion batteries up to fixed 12V input rails, delivering outputs up to 40V. The output voltage can be adjusted dynamically by driving the FBP pin with an external voltage source. The LT8410 can deliver over 8mA of output current at 16V from a single Li-Ion cell making it ideal for applications such as precision sensor or biasing power. Both parts use a unique control technique that delivers efficiencies as high as 88% and low output ripple (<10mVPK-PK) over a wide load current range.

 Micropower Low Noise Boost Converters with Output Disconnect

Summary of Features: LT8410/-1
Ultralow Quiescent Current: 8.5uA in Active Mode, 0uA in Shutdown Mode
Comparator Built into SHDN pin
Low Noise Control Scheme
Adjustable FB Reference Voltage
Wide Input Range: 2.6V to 16V
Wide Output Range : Up to 40V
Integrated Power NPN Switch
25mA Current Limit (LT8410)
8mA Current Limit (LT8410-1)
Integrated Schottky Diode
Integrated Output Disconnect
High Value (12.4M/0.4M) Feedback Resistors Integrated
Built in Soft-Start (Optional Capacitor from VREF to GND)
Overvoltage Protection for CAP and VOUT PVS
Tiny 8-Pin 2mm x 2mm DFN package


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