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HWg-PWR: Ethernet M-Bus energy meter

HWg-PWR is an Ethernet-enabled device for remote monitoring and metering of electricity, heat, water or gas consumption using electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters and other sensors equipped with the M-BUS interface. In addition to metering, the device also supports alarming through e-mail or SNMP traps whenever allowed values are exceeded.

M-BUS is a standard in energy metering. As opposed to pulse counters, it works with absolute values (acquired data can be used as an argument against the utility bill), and at the same time allows working with additional quantities, such as voltage, current, flow, drift, etc.

In a typical scenario, HWG-PWR remotely monitors an electrical network, and the user can simultaneously monitor several parameters: HWg_PWR application

  • Total electricity consumption 


  • Instantaneous electricity consumption
  • Instantaneous voltages at individual lines
  • Instantaneous current flowing through each line
  • Power factor (cos ϕ) of individual lines


HW group

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