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Case study HWg-CS42: Replace printers RS-232 with a central IP-based solution

Get rid of serial printers and collect data to be printed centrally over an IP network. The solution lets you store the data to be printed to text files on a central server. ADSL modem connection is also supported.

Replace serial printer connected to the output of a POS cash register, a security system or a PBX with the PortStore product transmitting data via IP network. PortStore can add data collection capabilities to a serial printer, or replace it entirely. The PS Eye application for Windows collects data into text files on a server.


  • Collect data from POS receipt printers
  • Back-up security system logs (and perhaps get a discount from your insurance premium)
  • Collect call accounting data (CDR/SMDR) from private branch exchanges (PBX)

Solution benefits:

  • No more problems with protocols that failed to print (printer turned off, worn-out ribbon, printer out of paper)
  • Data can be processed centrally with other SW
  • Reduce IT administration costs at your offices


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