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1.8/1.3GHz, Low Distortion, Dual ADC Drivers Deliver Guaranteed Matching & Low Noise

Linear Technology announces the LTC6420-20 and LTC6421-20, the industry’s first high-speed dual differential ADC drivers with guaranteed gain matching, and exceptional noise and distortion performance.

With guaranteed matched gain of ±0.25dB and matched phase of ±0.1° (typ), the LTC6420-20 reduces errors in multichannel systems such as IQ demodulation or diversity receivers. Channel separation is 80dB at 100MHz.

The LTC6420-20 provides a fixed gain of 20dB with -84dBc third-order intermodulation distortion at 100MHz input frequency. Input voltage noise is just 2.2nV/√Hz, including internal gain-setting resistors. These amplifiers achieve their excellent distortion and noise specs on a single 3V supply and have rail-to-rail output swing. This allows the dual ADCs and amplifiers to share the same voltage supply in many applications. These drivers can drive an ADC directly without any external output impedance matching and can convert single-ended inputs into differential outputs.

The LTC6420-20 is ideal for processing signals from DC to 300MHz. LTC6421-20 is a lower power (40mA) version of the LTC6420-20 and is optimized for lower input frequencies of DC to 140MHz.

  Dual Differential ADC Drivers with ±0.1dB and ±0.1° Matching at 100MHz

Summary of Features: LTC6420-20 & LTC6421-20
Matched Gain ±0.25dB
Matched Phase ±0.1°
1.8GHz –3dB Bandwidth (LTC6420-20)
1.3GHz –3dB Bandwidth (LTC6421-20)
Fixed Gain of 10V/V (20dB)
-84dBc IMD3at 100MHz (Equivalent OIP3 = 46dBm)
1nV/√Hz Internal Op Amp Noise
6.2dB Noise Figure
Differential Inputs & Outputs
Rail-to-Rail Output Swing on 3V Supply
80mA/40mA Supply Current (240mW/150mW @ 3V)
1V to 1.6V Output Common Mode Voltage, Adjustable
DC- or AC-Coupled Operation
Small 20-Lead 3mm x 4mm x 0.75mm QFN Package


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