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Ultra-Tiny 16-Bit ADC Family's 0.5uA Shutdown - Current Ideal for Portable Sensor Applications

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC2451 and LTC2452, a pair of 16-bit delta sigma ADCs with 0.5uA (max) shutdown current in ultra-tiny 3mm x 2mm DFN packages. Their low power, tiny size, and guaranteed 16-bit no missing code resolution makes these ADCs ideal for battery-powered applications such as remote sensors. Operating from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply, these ADCs are designed to measure single-ended or differential sensors via either I2C or SPI serial interfaces. The LTC2451 communicates via I2C and can measure a single-ended input between 0V to VCC, whereas LTC2452 communicates via SPI and is capable of measuring a differential input up to ±VCC.