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Poseidon 3468: Thermostat and hygrostat with web interface (230V relays)

Poseidon 3468 is an IP thermostat with 2 relay outputs, 4 dry contact inputs, and support for 4 sensors. Includes a built-in web server, output control and alarm alerts (e-mail and SNMP trap). Two relay outputs rated up to 110/230V can be controlled manually over a web interface.

Poseidon 3468 alerts the operator to critical situations (contact opened/closed, or temperature/humidity out of safe range).
In these situations, the devices sends an e-mail and connects to your NMS (Network Management System) with a SNMP trap.

Poseidon 3468 can be used as an independent thermostat and hygrostat, with remote monitoring and control over TCP/IP. Configuration and current sensor readings are accessible in a graphical WWW interface served by the built-in web server.Poseidon 3468

The device is intended for remote rack monitoring, UPS / back-up generator monitoring, air conditioning control over IP, IP-based security systems, operation logging and monitoring systems (information booths, ATMs, terminals).

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