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Poseidon 3268

The Poseidon model 3268 is a small web server that can send Email, when a contact is switched or when temperature and humidity gets out of preset range. You can also control two relay outputs from web interface and turn off e.g. a server. The model 3268 notifies of an alarm via Email, SNMP Trap or via switching output relay.

Poseidon model 3268 alerts the operator, in case of critical situations (contact opened/closed, temperature out of safe range). In case of an alarm state, the device sends an alert by e‑mail and connects to your NMS (Network Management Software) over SNMP.

Configuration takes place and current readings are displayed in a graphical WWW interface.


Poseidon 3268 scheme


  • Security (monitoring of sensors in IT rooms)
  • SCADA systems (connection of external inputs)
  • Back-up supply monitoring (UPS, diesel generators)
  • Environmental monitoring (temperature and humidity in ICT installations, fire alarms, security or telephony syst ems)
  • IT-monitoring (server rooms, 19” racks ICT)
  • Surveillance systems (connection of external sensors - door contacts, PIR motion detectors)
  • Large buildings (HVAC optimization)
  • Systems interconnection (linking together fire protection, security and access control systems)
  • A/C monitoring (temperature, condensed water leaks)
  • Monitoring systems (info kiosks, ATMs, terminals)
  • HVAC control (turns on heating or cooling in accordance with configured sensor thresholds)




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