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Poseidon 3266 THset

Poseidon 3266 THset is a start set for attractive price to begin quickly working. The set contains model 3266, temperature, humidity and door sensor and power adapter. The set as well contains printed description how to begin and CD including all utilities and detailed manual.

Poseidon model 3266 is independent device which can send Email when a contact is switched on or when temperature or humidity gets out of set range. When a Alarm occurs, the device sends you Email and notice Your NMS (Network Management Software) over SNMP. Values and configuration are accessible from WWW graphic interface, sensor's values over several network protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP and others). 

The device has 4 dry contact inputs. It´s possible connect up to 3 temperature or humidity sensors. To connect sensors (over maximal distance of 10 meters) you can use standard phone adaptors, cables and connectors RJ11 or RJ12.

Poseidon 3266


  • Security: supervising of sensors in IT rooms.
  • SCADA systems: connecting of external inputs
  • Monitoring of back-up power source: UPS and Diesel engines
  • Monitoring of operating conditions: (temperature and humidity) ICT technologies (fire, security and phone systems)
  • Logging of processes: storages, cold-storage rooms, freezers and fridges (food industry and pharmacy)
  • IT – monitoring:  server rooms, 19“ racks (ICT)
  • Camera systems: external sensors connecting(door contact, PIR)
  • Large buildings: heating and air-condition optimalization
  • Systems interconnecting:  fire (EPS), security (EZS), access system
  • Air-condition monitoring: temperature and evaporated water leaking
  • Supervising systems: Information points, ATM, terminals


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Poseidon 3266 THset:

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