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ON Semiconductor expands LDO family for automotive applications

ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of low dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulators for automotive electronics modules that require very low ignition-off currents. Qualified to AEC-Q100 and operating across a wide temperature range, the new NCV86xx LDOs combine high levels of on-board functionality with typical quiescent currents (Iq) as low as 22 µA.



Delivering precision output voltages of 3.3 V and 5.0 V and output currents up to 350 mA, the new very low Iq, battery-connectable LDOs from ON Semiconductor feature on-board protection functions and include devices with power-on reset and delay time select capabilities.

The LDOs are ideal for automotive system power modules that need to meet stringent criteria for current use while vehicle ignition is turned off.  By using the LDOs to minimize quiescent current in the regulation portion of the module, designers can allocate more current to higher level design elements including microprocessors and CAN and LIN network components.

The new NCV8660 and NCV8665 families are available with precision 3.3 V and 5.0 V outputs and an output current capability of 150 mA.  Devices in both families offer power-on reset and delay time select functionality. Typical quiescent currents are 28 µA and 30 µA respectively. Also offering output current of 150 mA is a new version of the NCV8664. This device has a typical Iq of just 22 µA and can provide a regulated  output voltage of either 3.3 V or 5.0 V in designs where integrated power-on reset is not required.

For applications demanding output currents up to 350 mA, the new NCV8674 and NCV8675 families are both available with 3.3 V and 5.0 V output options and have respective typical quiescent currents of 27 μA and 34 µA. The NCV8675 incorporates power-on reset functionality and is available with a choice of reset delay times.

All of the new devices operate with output voltage accuracy of ±2.0 percent and incorporate a variety of on-board protection features. The NCV8664, NCV8665, NCV8674 and NCV8675 feature reverse battery, short circuit and thermal overload protection, while the NCV8660 offers internal short circuit and thermal shutdown functions. These LDOs can sustain input voltage transients inherent to direct battery connection, eliminating the need for intermediate conversion or protection devices. Operating temperature ranges of -40ºC to 150°C are significantly wider than those of many other low Iq LDOs that are currently available.







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