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Poseidon 1250 Tset

The starting set Poseidon 1250 Tset is budget-priced set for quick start working with Poseidon model 1250. The package contains the 1250 model as well as one temperature sensor, door sensor and power adapter. It contains also printed guide how to start and CD including all utilities and detailed manual.

Poseidon 3468: Thermostat and hygrostat with web interface (230V relays)

Poseidon 3468 is an IP thermostat with 2 relay outputs, 4 dry contact inputs, and support for 4 sensors. Includes a built-in web server, output control and alarm alerts (e-mail and SNMP trap). Two relay outputs rated up to 110/230V can be controlled manually over a web interface.

Digi-Key Stocks Cirrus Logic's New PWM ICs for Driving Mid-Range Brushless and Brush DC Motors

Digi-Key Corporation announced today that it is stocking the recently introduced Cirrus Logic Apex Precision Power™ SA306-IHZ and SA57-IHZ, the industry's highest current pulse width modulated (PWM) ICs targeted at the fractional horsepower DC motor drive market.