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GLYN introduces MITSUBISHI´s New Intelligent Power Module L1-Series

GLYN introduces MITSUBISHI´s new Intelligent Power Module (IPM) of the L1-Series featuring high-speed, low-loss IGBT chips with full gate CSTBT™ (Carrier-Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor).

In addition to the mechanical compatibility with existing L-Series IPMs, L1-Series family covers an additional small package with improved performance.

The active plugging cell in Full-Gate-CSTBT-Structure of L1-Series IPM offers improvement in VCE(sat) by keeping the Eoff almost at the same level. Furthermore, the total switching losses in L1-Series IPMs are reduced by 15% as compared to L-Series IPMs at comparable conditions.

The new L1-Series, which is designed for optimized switching and conduction losses with good EMI performance, is suited for switching frequencies up to 20kHz.


Product Line-up:
The new L1-Series family is available for voltage ratings of 600V and 1200V in four different packages. The new smallest package measures only 90mm x 50mm. The L1-Series’s small foot size with small package inductance results into light weight and low cost IPM module.

Integrated Protection
By highly-sophisticated integrated self protection features of the L-Series to the L1-Series results in excellent protection of the IPMs against over temperature, short circuits and under voltage supply conditions. By using on-chip temperature and current sensor, the accurate and reliable protection is achieved. In the fault condition fault output signal alerts the controller one of the above protection is activated.

The new L1-Series will is an attractive product line-up for different customers from servo, air-conditioning and standard motor control fields.

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