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Multiphase Step-Up DC/DC Controller Delivers High Power

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC3862, a 2-phase step-up (boost) DC/DC controller that delivers high output power in a compact footprint.


 Up to 12 power stages can be paralleled and clocked out-of-phase to minimize input and output filtering requirements. The 4V to 36V input voltage range and a wide output voltage range that is dependent on the choice of external components covers a broad range of high power boost applications. The LTC3862 can regulate a 48V at 5A output with up to 97% efficiency from an input source ranging from 12V to 36V using only two-phases. Applications include high power audio amplifiers, automotive fuel injection systems, networking and industrial power supplies.

Multiphase operation is enabled using the SYNC input, CLOCK output and PHASEMODE control pin, allowing 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- or 12-phase operation. The LTC3862 utilizes peak current mode architecture for easy loop compensation and multi-phase operation with excellent phase-to-phase current matching. The fixed operating frequency can be set with a single resistor over a 75kHz to 500kHz range or can be synchronized to an external clock using the internal phased-lock-loop over a 50kHz to 600kHz frequency range. A current sense resistor is used in each phase to provide a precise cycle-by-cycle current limit. The powerful on-board CMOS gate drivers minimize switching losses and allow the use of multiple MOSFETs in parallel for even higher current applications. Other features include an on-board 5V LDO that eliminates the need for a bias voltage to power the IC, undervoltage lockout protection, a precise RUN pin threshold with programmable hysteresis, adjustable soft-start, programmable maximum duty cycle and user-adjustable leading edge blanking.

 Multiphase Step-Up DC/DC Controller

Summary of Features: LTC3862
Multiphase Operation - Up to 12 Phases
High Output Power
Wide Input Voltage Range from 4V to 36V
Minimum External Components
Fixed Programmable Operating Frequency from 75kHz
to 500kHz
Synchronizable with Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) from 50kHz
to 650kHz
Peak Current Mode Control
Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle
Adjustable Soft-Start
High Operating Temperature up to 150°C


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