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Freescale's New Dual and Tri-Core DSP's for Networking Applications

Optimized for networking applications

Designing a unified communications system? Now you can leverage the computing power and flexibility of two new DSP devices.





The MSC8112 (dual core) and MSC8113 (tri-core) - both based on high-performance StarCore® technology - are optimized for wireless infrastructure, media processing blades, telecom IP-BX infrastructure and media gateways. 


These devices feature:

·         Two or three 300 MHz StarCore SC140 DSP extended cores

·         Flexible memory controller accesses various external memories, including SDRAMs, SRAMs, SSRAMs, EPROMs and flash

·         Large on-chip SRAM memory (1196 KB)

·         Four independent Time-Division Multiplex (TDM) Interfaces

·         Internal DMA controller to support 16 time-multiplexed unidirectional channels




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