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Dual 8A or Single 16A Step Down DC/DC uModule Regulator in a 15mm x 15mm Surface Mount Package

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM4616, a complete dual DC/DC uModule™ regulator system in a tiny surface mount package.

The LTM4616 can regulate either two voltages ranging from 0.6V to 5V at up to 8A each, or one output voltage at up to 16A by sharing current from each output in a multi-phase configuration.

The LTM4616’s versatility is extended by its ability to operate from either two different input supply rails ranging from 2.375V to 5.5V (6V max) or from one input supply by tying the input pins together.

This complete DC/DC system solution includes all the support components needed for a dual point-of-load regulator: inductors, capacitors, DC/DC controller, compensation circuitry and power switches.

All are encapsulated and protected within a plastic surface mount LGA (land grid array) package. 

The LTM4616 is guaranteed to have only +/-1.75% total DC output error over the full operating temperature range, including the line and load regulation. As a current mode device with high switching frequency, the LTM4616 has a very fast transient response to line and load changes while operating with excellent stability with a variety of output capacitors, including all ceramic capacitors. The efficiency is up to 94%, depending, on the voltage and current conditions. The device supports frequency synchronization, multiphase operation, spread spectrum phase modulation, output voltage tracking and margining. Safety features include overvoltage and overcurrent protection as well as thermal shutdown.

 Dual 8A or single 16A uModule

Summary of Features: LTM4616

Complete Dual DC/DC System in a
15mm x 15mm x 2.8mm LGA Package
2.375V to 5.5V Input Operation
Dual 8A or Single 16A Outputs; Scalable According
to the Power Requirement
Output Voltage Tracking & Margining
Current Mode Operation with Fast Short Circuit




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