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Damocles MINI set

Damocles model MINI is the unit of digital inputs and outputs controlled over web. Apart from Email and graphic WWW interface, some network protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP and others..) are supported. The Damocles MINI set contains Damocles MINI device, 12V wall plug adaptor and DVD with all material.

Damocles model MINI unit accesses 4 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs over Ethernet. If the state on the digital inputs is changed, the unit can send E-mail, SNMP Trap, switch one of the outputs on or send SMS using supplied software.
The inputs values and relay control are accesible for the user from any web browser or using network protocols.
Damocles model MINI owing to easy installation and control is designed for large spectrum of clients who need remote monitoring and control of digital inputs and outputs.


  • Control the relay over network – switch relay by three clicks on the mouse
  • Measurement of energy consumption over IP: reading of the consumption in time from electrometers, flow meters, gas meters, ..
  • Monitoring of sensors of door opening, motion detectors, dangerous gas, etc.
  • Connecting of external inputs to SCADA systems
  • Remote control over IP - Opening of entry points (doors, gates, pikes and connecting of passage sensors)
  • Monitoring of back-up power supply like UPS and Diesel-engines
  • Intelligent buildings (stop contacts, EZS, EPS)
  • Camera systems (door contacts, PIR sensors)
  • Measurement of number of persons/vehicles - counting of indoor state and number of passage of persons/vehicles


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