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CMOS LDO Regulators from Torex Semiconductor

Torex Semiconductor, the analogue power supply chip specialist, has introduced the XC6701 Series of 28V high speed low dropout voltage regulators.


Ideally suited for 24V systems and industrial applications, these devices are available in a range of standard packages, such as the SOT-25, SOT-89, SOT-223 and TO-252, as well as the ultra-small USP-6C measuring just 1.8mm x 2.0mm x 0.6mm.

The new XC6701 voltage regulator consumes only 50µA in full operation, falling to less than 0.1µA in standby mode with the XC6701B version. Output voltage can be factory set anywhere from 1.8V to 18V in 100mV increments, and the operating voltage range is from 2V to 28V. All voltage regulators within the XC6701 Series from Torex have a low dropout voltage of 300mV at 20mA.

The XC6701 LDO regulators are compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors, which give added output stability, and include built-in over current protection and thermal shutdown circuits. Maximum output current is 200mA over an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC, and fold-back current limiting is provided to protect the output in the event of overload or short circuit.

The CE (chip enable) function enables design engineers to turn off the output, putting the device into standby mode, thereby greatly reducing power consumption. In addition, during the switch into standby mode, the electric charge at the CL capacitor is discharged via the internal auto-discharge switch, ensuring that the VOUT pin drops down to ground quickly.







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