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Case study HWg-CS13: SMS and SNMP monitoring of temperature / humidity

Temperature and humidity are monitored with a web thermometer that is also capable of sending alerts as text messages (SMS). High temperature alerts are sent by E-mail / SNMP trap as well as by SMS (via a GSM modem).

Simple SMS thermometer – needs only electricity and GSM coverage to send SMS alerts. Does not depend on LAN functionality or any other software. E-mail and SMS alerts can be sent to multiple recipients.

GSM modem is connected to the serial interface. The supplied G10 modem or a Siemens TC35i module is used. Poseidon 3265 is connected to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbit network. Configuration and control are performed over the Poseidon GUI (WEB server). Sensors are daisy-chained in series using a telephone cable (RJ11). Each sensor has its own ID, textual name, and MIN and MAX alarm threshold settings. Text messages contain the name and value of the senPoseidon 3265sor where the alarm originates. For each sensor, alarm delay of X seconds can be configured. E-mail and SMS alerts are sent independently for each sensor. 


  • Sending alerts about equipment overheating (server, disk array) directly to your mobile phone
  • A/C functionality monitoring
  • Informing about excessive air humidity

Solution benefits:

  • Get instantly notified about a problem
  • SMS alerts do not depend on any other system
  • Connects to any SNMP monitoring software
  • E-mail alerts you in time to rising temperature


HW group

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