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Case study HWg-CS11: E-mail alert to high temperature (overheating)

IP thermometer enables web-based, remote temperature monitoring over IP networks. System overheating or excessive temperature alerts are sent by e-mail. Supplied with software for downloading data over IP, displaying graphs and exporting data to MS Excel. (Excel thermometer).

The HWg-STE IP thermometer connects to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbps network. Control and configuration (IP, sensor name, unit of temperature, e-mail recipient) is performed over a web GUI. A second probe (temperature or humidity) can be connected. RJ11 temperature and humidity sensors for the Poseidon family are supported. Available sensors include indoor, outdoor, waterproof, 19" rack mountable and wall mountable versions. E-mail is sent when a safe temperature is exceeded, as well as when the temperature returns to the safe range. Using SNMP at port 161, the IP thermometer can be connected to a monitoring system. For example: HP OpenView, Nagios, Zabbix, The Dude, Intellipool NM and more. MIB table is available for download from the product GUI.



  • E-mail alerts when air conditioning overheats
  • Monitoring the temperature at critical air flow points
  • Alerts to equipment overheating (server, disk array)
  • Alerts to rising temperature in a room

Solution benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Timely e-mail alerts to rising temperature
  • Connects to SNMP monitoring systems
  • Free Windows software – HWg-PDMS collects temperature data and periodically exports it to MS Excel


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