AT commands set

This document provides an introduction to intelligent modems, the AT command set and the concepts behind many of the commands. The AT commands are used to configure the modem to your preferred operating mode and to instruct the modem to do what you want it to do.

LIN - Local Interconnect Network

The LIN is a new bus technology which brings a more possibilities. The main field of usability is the vehicle industry. It should be considered as the low-cost alternative to a CAN (Controlled Area Network) bus. The both - CAN and LIN - are usable in several industries not only in the car industry. The low-cost and wide applicability has been the main reason for the LIN development. The LIN bus seems like a good solution and we can expect a big advancement of the technology.

BlueTooth for Industry

Industrial plants comprise many devices interconnected in different ways: simple data collection units without any built-in intelligence, more intelligent devices such as sensors with built-in intelligence, single-loop controllers or programmable controllers and supervisory systems. Bluetooth wireless technology is potentially useful for all of these.