Poseidon 3268

The Poseidon model 3268 is a small web server that can send Email, when a contact is switched or when temperature and humidity gets out of preset range. You can also control two relay outputs from web interface and turn off e.g. a server. The model 3268 notifies of an alarm via Email, SNMP Trap or via switching output relay.

Case study HWg-CS32: 19” cabinet monitoring over GSM and LAN (SNMP, E-mail, SMS)

Independent rack monitoring over IP and GSM. Open door, high temperature or electricity outage are signaled by SMS to several phone numbers. E-mail and SNMP trap are also sent. It is possible to connect a horn (local alarm) or a fan (local cooling). The solution is designed for 19” cabinets.

Case study HWg-CS31: 19” cabinet monitoring over IP (E-mail, SNMP)

Example of remote door control, temperature monitoring and smoke detection in a cabinet. When a door is open or closed, or the safe range of environmental conditions is exceeded, an alert is sent by E-mail or SNMP trap. It is also possible to connect a horn as a local alarm, or a fan as local cooling. The solution is designed for 19” racks.